Perfecto Mobile Introduces Handset Cloud for BlackBerry Smartphones

פורסם על ידי גבע קרא עוז | הודעות לתקשורת | יום רביעי 29 ספטמבר 2010 16:41


perfecto Mobile, a leading provider of remote access and automated testing solutions for mobile devices, today announced the launch of its Handset Cloud for BlackBerry® smartphones, a unique package tailored for application developers, offering them access to a large variety of BlackBerry smartphones operating on live networks around the world.

Using Perfecto Mobile's Handset Cloud service, developers from anywhere in the world can easily install applications and test their functionality and compatibility with a variety of BlackBerry smartphones without having to actually obtain the handsets or settle for virtual simulators and emulators. Developers can also enjoy advanced automation features to facilitate and dramatically improve their testing procedures.

"Our Handset Cloud helps BlackBerry developers port and test their applications and websites on actual BlackBerry smartphones by spending only a fraction of what they would if they were to purchase all the necessary devices," said Eran Yaniv, CEO of Perfecto Mobile. "As of today, BlackBerry smartphones are the most highly demanded handsets in our service. Thus, we are excited to introduce a package that focuses on these smartphones and helps BlackBerry developers test more efficiently to meet their specific needs and requirements."

The Handset Cloud supports a variety of BlackBerry smartphones and supports BlackBerry® 6 (a new operating system for BlackBerry smartphones). The service offers developers a variety of features and automated testing tools such as file transfer and over-the-air widgets to quickly download applications. Additionally, the service provides a get-log feature, power cycle, impressive trackball compatibility, digital screenshots, and the ability to record videos and export reports, as well as numerous other features. Advanced users can run automated tests across multiple devices in order to reach more robust test cycles or program their own custom usage scenarios.

The package for BlackBerry developers is currently available for 30 percent off the regular price. Developers can start with a free one-hour trial before making any commitment.

This year's winners of the BlackBerry Super Apps Challenge will be granted free hours of Perfecto Mobile's Handset Cloud for BlackBerry smartphones as part of the official prize package.

Perfecto Mobile's Handset Cloud is currently the only 100 percent web-based solution of its kind (no download required). Additionally, Perfecto Mobile's unique RDA technology enables unmatched flexibility in supporting new devices and making them available to customers as soon as they reach the market or even on-demand. Developers using the service can ensure that their applications or websites look and work well on various models, OS versions and screen sizes. The BlackBerry smartphones are physically located in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Israel and India, and operate on the major networks in these countries. Click here to view the list of devices included in the service.

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